This agreement states the conditions of use for Verdon OÜ (henceforth “Service provider”) internet service (henceforth “Service”). When a user registers him/herself to use the service or buys goods with the Service, he/she agrees to the conditions of the Service and is obligated to follow them.

The Service provider has the right to change the conditions of this agreement without prior notification via e-mail or the Service. The user agrees to the changes by using the Service.


A registration form must be filled to register as a user. Both legal and regular persons may register.

The user's personal data entered in the registration process will be transferred to the client registry of Verdon OÜ and used for product offers. The Service provider commits not to disclose client data to any third party.

The Service provider checks client data and decides upon installments and payment schedules. All clients have the opportunity to make prepaid purchases.

The user has the right to check their personal data via the Service, also to change it or delete it from the registry.

User responsibilities and obligations

The user is obligated to use the Service only in accordance to the law and good practices. The user is obligated not to mediate or transfer subject matter that is against the law or good practices or encourages or promotes such activities.

Persons under the age of 18 can only make prepaid purchases. Ordering goods and paying for them requires parental consent.

The user is fully accountable for any damages done to the Service provider, other users or third parties by the misuse of this Service.

Settling differences

All differences concerning this agreement are settles in accordance to the laws applicable in the Republic of Estonia.