Project Management

A good idea, a solution to a problem, and clearly stated goals are the essentials of a good project. For achieving the project's goals, certain limited financial, human and time resources can be used; it also has a fixed start and ending time. Since many projects are often carried out using financial support granted by different funds, this puts its own requirements on the submission of project proposals, drafting applications, supervision of adhering to deadlines and resource limitations, determining expenses eligible for support, and the submission of interim and final reports. This is where our project managers can offer a helping hand. The project manager plans out, manages and oversees the work of the project group, keeping account of the objectives, personnel, deadlines, and budget.

  • Drafting the project plan

The main goal in planning is to produce a comprehensive overview of the whole project. The resulting project plan provides the means for distributing project resources; avoiding over- and under load; preventing risks; managing the changes taking place in the field.

  • Filling out funding applications

We provide assistance in formulating project goals and the central problems that will be solved by conducting the project; we also provide assistance in envisaging and describing the activities required for reaching the goals and the intended results. We draw up the project's budget, any necessary interim reports, and the expenditure report and final report upon the completion of the project, in accordance with the grantor's requirements.

Project funding sources

Monitoring funding possibilities

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) has created a database for helping you find a suitable grant. The database contains more than 150 local and foreign support programmes that mainly offer grants for the public, private, and third sector.

  • Conducting projects
  • Project coordination
  • Project meeting arrangement
  • Conduction of necessary procurements
  • Management of accounting
  • Supervision of resource management


  • Consulting - proposing construction solutions
  • Procurement of construction materials from project sales
  • Delivery of construction materials to construction site.
  • Construction works from laying the foundation to the completion of the building
  • In cooperation with expert partners, we offer:
    • Construction of water and sewage systems (including construction of septic drain fields)
    • Construction of central heating systems; installation of solar panels
    • Electrical and low-current works
    • Owner supervision services